MusiCiência: Andrômeda

Capa: Galáxia Andrômeda. (c) Davia (Deddy) Dayag, 2019, Wikipedia Commons. Licença CC-BY-NC-4.0.


Compositores: Paul Weller / Simon Dine.


Tiny, tiny

shades of light

Came dancing gently

through my window

As I waved goodbye

To my other life

The dying planet

grew dark and still

My feisty engines

took me up and then

I could see ?

Oh, Andromeda

I’m not ethereal, unreal

And I’m not waiting any longer

For this world to be still

I raise my glass

and I remember

Sweet Andromeda

My mood gets lifted

with the gravity’s pull

Looks like I’m smiling

but I’m dying too

Within the last ?

Oh, sweet Andromeda

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